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Here’s The Official Guide To BDSM Rules

On the surface, BDSM looks an irresponsible outlet for sexual pleasure. To the mainstream, it could appear that it is simply a playground to act out masochistic fantasies with no regard for other person’s wellbeing.

Those who have lightly explored BDSM or participate heavily BDSM culture understand that this couldn’t be further from the truth. BDSM is almost entirely based around rules, safety and a sense of community. A lot of play wouldn’t be possible without unconditional trust between two willing participants, and if this wasn’t the case, a lot less play would be carried out. We have rules in place for a reason. They’re there to be adhered to and to make BDSM play a more enjoyable experience.

So, what are the rules? (Spoiler: 50 Shades of Grey got these wrong!)

  1. #1 - Communicate

    You cannot play safely with BDSM if you don’t communicate openly and honesty with the person you’re playing with. Everything that goes below this rule is obsolete if communication is poor. No one should launch into a scene without talking it through with the other players first. It’s not like sex – you don’t just start and see what happens, you could seriously damage someone that way.

    It’s actually a shame that people don’t approach sex with the same mentality as one should approach BDSM. Communication is what makes BDSM scenes work so well. You lay out rules and limits beforehand. You discuss what a person’s hard limits are and what limits can potentially be pushed for further arousal. You reveal medical issues or concerns that might affect play. You share ideas and begin exploring how someone’s mind is reacting to them.

    That’s BDSM foreplay and one of the most exciting parts of it all!

  2. #2 - SSC – Safe, Sane and Consensual

    Does what it says on the tin, but this is absolutely one hundred percent gospel.

    Even light BDSM play has the potential to be incredibly dangerous, both physically and mentally. So before engaging, parties should judge what safety measures should be put in place based on the scenario or particular role play being carried out. Things like quick release mechanisms, medical shears, working phone with signal, first aid kits, blankets, sweets or sugary drinks, keys and spares to padlocks and handcuffs, even panic buttons if playing in commercial dungeons.

    Mental safety is a little harder to monitor but that’s why safewords are often used. And again, this comes back to thorough communication beforehand.

    Any act carried out has to be sane, somehow (even though it might not appear that way to others!). Don’t do something that’s life threatening just for kicks. BDSM players seek reactions, emotions – the more you go into it, the more you want. It can be like a drug. Always stop and think before you try something new: is what I am doing sane? Is it likely to result in serious injury or death? Is it likely to cause serious mental disturbance? Have I communicated my fears and concerns to the people I’m playing with? Do we have the correct safety measures in place should something go wrong? Question everything and then question it again to make sure everyone is happy.

    It’s BDSM, it’s not abuse. EVERTHING that happens in a scene must be consensual – that should go without saying. There are those that play the bottom role and want to feel as if they’re genuinely being abused, but they want to act it out within a safe environment and with someone they have chosen and trust.

    Limits have been set and these are to be followed to the word. It’s rare that something will be brought into play that has not already been discussed in some capacity – that’s why we go to the extent of communicating so much - so everyone involved knows what parameters they’re working to.

    You know the rules of the scene and you stick to them. Don’t ever do anything that your playmate hasn’t consented to – you will be outed and shunned by the community. Violating limits and ignoring safewords are things you must never do in bed. It’s a big no no.

  3. #3 - RACK – Risk Aware Consensual Kink

    Similar to SSC but most people use both to show they care and that they’ve bothered to learn their stuff beforehand. RACK is basically knowing and appreciating that we may do things in play that will pose great risks to all involved. It’s being conscientious enough to minimise the risk and ascertaining that we have safety measures in place before starting.

    There are BDSM acts which are not only hazardous enough to cause injury, some types of play can result in death (and there have been cases of it happening), and no amount of kink is worth losing your life over.

    Edge-play, knife-play, breath-play, impact-play – all of these things involve an element of serious bodily harm. These might be fantasies, but they’re dangerous fantasies, and it’s irresponsible to take them on without being absolutely certain you know what you’re doing.

    There are some great sites out there which are dedicated to the safety precautions behind BDSM scenes. It’s wise to read through them before attempting anything with even a slight element of risk. For the more clerical-minded out there, it’s a little like project planning. A risk assessment needs to be carried out to make sure everything is working correctly. The last thing anyone wants is to break the toys we play with.

  4. #4 – Have Fun

    Consider all the serious elements and make sure you know what to do if a problem arises. But once you’re content with the safety precautions and you have utmost trust in your partner – relax.

    Don’t let the scene play on your mind. We’re doing all this for fun, so make it fun. Extensive planning is a requirement, but it makes the end result all the more enjoyable.

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